Business cases

Your plans, your contracts, your correspondence and  
all other information resources are digitized, completed,
controlled, secured, and, when required, archived

Accompaniment in the implementation of a document management tool

Implementation of a knowledge management procedure for a Helpdesk

With Confluence

From advising to managing a Shared Content Service for major construction projects  

With LiveLink

New governance, new processes, new effectiveness in facility management  

With ProjectWise and Bricsys

Implementation of a document governance in the energy sector  

With Aconex

Archiving of original legal documents and support in digitizing incoming correspondence 

With LiveLink and M-Files

Trust and efficiency regained thanks to the implementation of a sound information governance  

With Cindoc

Implementation of a document management and control solution in the engineering sector  

Wtih Bricsys 24/7

Migration of technical documents to Office365

With SharePoint

Development of a document conservation repository 

With Excel

Implementation of a document management for an insurance company 

With SharePoint

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